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So many choices and so little time, the great news is I am here to help you make it easier.  Whether you are Buying or Selling your first home, second home or you are a seasoned and savvy Real Estate investor, I can make it happen. The resources are boundless with Sotheby’s International Realty, combined with my knowledge and reputation, and our alignment with trusted industry partners as The 707 Real Estate Team; we are able to offer you exceptional service and distinction like no other.   Together we will listen to your needs and research all available options to better align you with your current and long term goals, to help to build and grow your wealth now, and as your needs may change throughout your life.

The 707 Real Estate Team 
 Keri Akemi-Bezayiff, Real Estate Executive Professional
Sotheby's International Realty, Wine Country Brokerage
Cal BRE License #  01273602
E-mail: Keri.Akemi-Bezayiff@Sothebyshomes.com
TEL: 707.235.4963

        Keri's Real Estate Services

  1. Consultation & Analysis
    Initial consultation to evaluate your needs and develop a plan to help you successfully achieve your goals. I will provide a comprehensive market analysis for your property .
  2. Residential Homes
    I am dedicated to exceed your expectations. Whether you are Buying or Selling, my goal is to be your Realtor throughout your life. Count on me at all stages of your Real Estate needs.
  3. Commercial Property
    * Multi-Family, Apartment, Hotels * Land: Agriculture or Develop * Vineyard, Winery, Ranch * Light Commercial: Retail & Office.
  4. 1031 Exchange Investor
    To avoid reporting a capital gain, you can benefit from exchanging property for “like-kind” property. Certain rules will apply and a A third party intermediary is required.
  5. Land Acquisition
    Residential: 1- 4 Units, Medium and High Density Agriculture: Equestrian and Viticulture
  6. Represent Developer
    Work as Project Manager to coordinate with various contractors, local and Federal agencies from submission to Entitlement, and final Subdivision approval. Market for sale.
My Background
I was born in Loveland, Colorado, but my family relocated to the West Coast when I was five years old.  When I was seven years old, we lived in Pleasanton, California, and this was really my entrepreneurial debut.  Being the oldest daughter of two, I took my little sister door to door selling flowers.  We took our earnings and would walk down town to buy lunch, an ice cream cone, Bazooka bubble gum, or garbage pale kid trading cards. Other kids in our neighborhood learned what we were doing, and before you knew it, we had a cluster of little kids following us to sell flowers door to door. 

We moved around a lot when I was a kid, from Pleasanton we went to Woodland, then to Santa Rosa,  before establishing our home in Crockett.  Moving around a lot helped me
to adapt quickly to new environments, make friends more easily and be open to change. 
Crockett was a small town and I loved having adventures exploring the Carquinez Straights, running through the hills of Port Costa, swimming at our local pool and finally having a familiar place to grow up and feel at home.   At age 10,  I cleaned houses for our neighbors; at age 13, I worked as a waitress and as an office aide at school;  at age 16,  I worked as a clerk at Safeway, and at age 18, I worked as a bank teller for Wells Fargo, I had a newspaper route and worked as an admin at a doctor's office while attending college.   In my youth, I was a Campfire girl (like girl scouts), elected as Student Council Treasurer,  Artist and Poet,  Soroptimist International member, Cheerleader and Peer counselor.   Collectively all of  these experiences have led me to where I am today.  

Prior to becoming a Real Estate agent, I wanted to be a physical therapist and studied medicine and Kinesiology in Irvine, Ca.   When my kids were toddlers, I wanted to find a way to stay home with them and still have significant earnings.  I started to search for job postings in the newspaper and stumbled upon Real Estate, and thought this would be a flexible and rewarding option.  I enrolled myself in Business and Real Estate classes.  My timing was at the beginning of the Dot-Com or Technology Boom in Silicon Valley. 

Once I was licensed, I went to work for Alain Pinel Realtors, in the Danville office for two years.  They had a rigorous training program and were the first brokerage to offer advanced technology.  Then I received an opportunity to work for a Taylor Woodrow,
a new home builder, where I co-managed a  development in Moraga and at The Village at
Hiddenbrooke golf course, Vallejo, where I sold over 100 homes in under two years. 
I was featured in a local Bay Area tv show and interviewed with the BBC.  This experience
helped me develop a large scale marketing plan, to gain exposure to a variety of contract terms with various lending scenarios, it also got me interested in land acquistion and development. 

After completing my community projects, I felt ready to re-enter the resale real estate market, and  I returned to work for Alain Pinel Realtors in their Walnut Creek office. 
Over the next four years I devloped a relocation niche market for the North Bay Area. 
This helped me develop business network  in Contra Costa, Solano, Napa and Sonoma Counties.  I eventually took a leap of faith to relocate to Santa Rosa in 2005, and a year later I decided to join Coralee Barela's office,  which later became Pacific Union.  It was wonderful to raise my kiddos in Sonoma County.  I also created an LLC to acquire land and develop property. This was the height of my career and business was thriving.

When the eonomic recession posed some challenges with me personally and for many of my clients and eventually I decided to take a break from the industry.   I took this
opportunity to relocate to the Napa Valley for a fresh start, and to  go back to school to study  viticulture and enology.  While I was in school, I went to work in the Wine industry with positions of various capacities, and made connections with many local vitners.   I am proud to have this experience and I believe that it helps me to better advise clients who may be interested in purchasing a vineyard or operating a winery.  I also enjoy making
wine with friends during harvest. 

While the recession lingered for a few years, I stayed in touch with my former colleagues and continued to watch the market.  Many of the irresponsible and preditory lending practices that led to the fall out began to unravel, new underwriting and lending guidelines began to reshape the real estate industry.   In the fall of 2013 everything pointed in the direction that the market was starting to recover and I decided to return to my Real Estate Career and joined our local  Sotheby's office.  

I am happy to work with amazing colleagues who have helped me regain my footing in the market and for their support and collaboration which has allowed me to continue to  grow my business.  I also value the long term client relationships and their faithful commitment to working with me throughout the years.  I feel honored to be a part of my clients journey.  We celebrate their success, milestones that include weddings, baby showers, graduations, relocations, retirement, etc.  We also pause and realign when hardships and loss may bring about unexpected changes that requires careful planning and  collaboration with trusted wealth planning  partners, such as attorneys, tax accountant, financial planner, etc.  With each day, and passing year, I am thankful for all of the blessings.   I look forward to the future and working with all of you, and to celebrate our continued success.