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Steps to get ready to BUY


Considering to Buy a home now?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that many people will make in their life.  Being an informed consumer and working with a trusted professional to guide you through the process of homeownership is essential. 

For access to unlimited Listings, to inquire about current Market Trends, and to get Pre-approved, contact Keri today.

Local Real Estate

Location, Location, Location!

You have probably heard the phrase, "Location, Location, Location," but why 
does that matter so much? Simply stated, if you buy a home in a good location, it will typically be a good long term investment, regardless of Market conditions.  

  5 Characteristics to look for to determine whether the home is in a Good Location: 

1. A safe neighborhood & low crime rate.

2. Good schools, top colleges and well established corporations.

3. Convenient access to public transportation, popular local attractions, parks, trails, shops and restaurants

4. Views, Pool or Waterway access

5. A exisitng home in a desireable neighborhood, a home that is the path of progress for new development, or beautification of several homes in older neighborhoods.

How to determine when is the best time to Buy

Deciding whether to act now or wait to Buy is a question we all wrestle with throughout our lives. It is always a good time to Buy, and the timing may be more beneficial to you depending on the Real Estate market, your financial strength, and what your present needs are. It may seem like a big step to transition from Renting to Buying a home, but aligning yourself with a trusted professional is where you need to start.

Here is a resource to help you get started:

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Click on the image below to see learn about what you can afford.  
How to build  Good Credit?
Your FICO Scores consider both positive and negative information in your credit report. Late payments will lower your FICO Scores, but establishing or re-establishing a good track record of making payments on time will raise your score.​​
When you Own your home, you start to build personal wealth by building a financial asset.  Equity accumlates in a few ways:

1.  Over time as you pay down your mortgage and the difference between your loan balance and home value is your Equity.

2.  When the Real Estate market appreciates during a growth cycle.  The difference between what you currently owe on your mortgage or paid for your home, and the current market value, is your Equity.

3.  When you improve your home in ways that will add value to your home can also increase your Equity.    

Let me help you understand how you can increase the equity in your home to increase your net worth.  
Evaluating your needs throughout your lifetime.

Wealth planning

In addition to the Real Estate services that I can assist you with, I can also provide you with additional resources to build your wealth.  It is important to diversify your asset portfolio, establish layers of legal preservation, plan for a comfortable retirement, and determine terms for your legacy plan.  

Let me know if you would like me to refer you to a Financial Advisor, Estate Planning Attorneys, and Tax Professional to develop a comprehensive Wealth plan.  
​      The equation for financial success is a function of just         3 easy-to-understand principles:

The amount of money you invest.

The growth rate of your money.

The amount of time it has to grow.

So many choices and so little time, the great news is I am here to help you make it easier.  Whether you are Buying or Selling your first home, second home or you are a seasoned and savvy Real Estate investor, I can make it happen.

The resources are boundless, my reputation and that of Sotheby’s International Realty is here to offer you exceptional service and distinction like no other.   I will gather resources to put a package together to better align you with your goals.
Common Ways to Hold Title in California


When you are Ready to apply for Home Loan:

Be prepared to fill out a Mortgage Application
                   **You and each Co-applicant will need to provide documents so the                                   Mortgage consultant can  pre-qualify you for a loan.**

1) You will need to provide 3 years Federal tax returns
       *If you are a Self-employed person you will also need to provide a year to date
          profit and loss statement or/and what is called a personal financial statement.

2) Your two months most recent pay stubs

3. If you have pension income, or Social Security, provide a copy of your award      letter for the current year.

4. Your complete 1 year  bank statements (all numbered pages even if blank).

5. Your 1 year 401k, Stocks or other investment statements.

6.  For any downpayment that will be used as a "Gift," will need to have the              donor provide a gift letter and bank statement for proof of funds. 
Make Your Dreams Reality
I am dedicated to serving you and exceeding your expectations. I will listen to better understand your unique goals. You will feel confident from my extensive knowledge and ability to analyze the market to help you determine the best action plan that fits your needs. I treat every client with an equal amount of professionalism and compassion. If there are challenges that arise, we will face them together and look for the best possible solutions. I will coordinate the process with you from start to finish and communicate with a network of professionals to manage each detail to allow for a smooth closing. I thrive in a fast paced environment and have the ability to maintain the multitude of tasks that are of demand. The best way to show you how you will benefit from this directly is through your own personal experience as my client.

Common Questions 

  1. 1
    How should I prepare for our initial consultation?
    Everyone who is a decision maker should be present. Bring a wishlist of important features that you must have in a home. Let me know whether you are looking for your primary or second home, or investment.
  2. 4
    When should I apply for a Home Loan?
    Before you begin searching for a home, it is important to get Pre-approved for a mortgage. Once you receive a Pre-approval letter, we can begin searching for homes according to your budget and goals.
  3. 5
    What do I need to bring to my appointment with a Lender?
    Bring copies of all pages of 3 years Tax returns, 1 year of bank and asset statements, Drivers license or passport. Each applicant has unique circumstances which may require additional documents to be provided.
  4. 3
    How much money do I need for a downpayment?
    Start saving. Ideally, you should have 20 % of the purchase price saved for a down payment. There will be an additional 3 to 7% of the purchase price for closing costs. Closing costs: include taxes and insurance, etc.
  5. 6
    What are some common things to expect during the homebuying process?
    Be prepared to experience a roller coaster of emotions, and to negotiate on several properties before finally closing on your home. I will keep you informed about the market conditions to advise you accordingly.
  6. 7
    What is the difference between a Pre-qualification letter and a fully underwritten Loan approval?
    Pre-qualification only takes into account basic information. An Approval requires a Mortgage professional to review all documents to confirm the following: income, credit, debt, assets, and down payment, etc.
  7. 2
    What is the recommended FICO score?
    Get your credit in order. Good credit ranges between 740 to 900. Obtain a copy of your credit report to make sure it is accurate and to correct any errors immediately.
  8. 8
    Can I still use my credit cards or apply for credit while I am trying to purchase a home?
    You should not make any large purchases or apply for additional lines of credit while you are trying to purchase a home. One of the most important guidelines to keep your debt to income ratio below 40%.
  9. 9
    What are the different ways that you can hold title in a property?
    Single conveyances: Sole Owner or Trust, Tenancy in Common, Joint Tenancy Community Property , Community Property with the Right of Survivorship, or as Business Partnerships: LLC, LP, Corporation, REIT.
  10. 10
    How long is the typical home buying process?
    The home buying process varies on the type of property you are purchasing and a variety of factors. The typical timeline is between 30 and 60 days, from when your offer accepted and closes escrow .